“ Daam Kam Fashion Hardam ” is the main motto through which we believe in providing the latest trends to the upwardly mobile Indians at the best possible price.

Award Applied For: Debutant Retailer of the year

V-Bazaar : A brief Introduction

V-Bazaar is one of the fastest growing value Retail chains from Northern India. V-Bazaar is spreading its wings by setting up stores across various small and large India cities in states like UP, Bihar, MP, Orissa, WB and Jharkhand,
V-Bazaar primarily operates in Tier II and III cities, with a chain of “value retail” fashion stores offering apparels for men, women and kids, home furnishing, footwear, accessories, personal care and packaged food products, catering to the entire family.

Headquartered in Gurugram. V-Bazaar started its operation in May 2016 with its first store in Lakhisarai, Bihar. V-Bazaar currently owns and operates 80 stores located in 74 cities and spread across 6 states with a total retail area of more than 5.8 Lac sq ft.

V-Bazaar operates standalone stores in high street areas and shopping hubs. The average size of V- Bazaar store is around 7,800 sq ft. V-Bazaar follows the concept of “value retailing” to target the strata of the population belonging to the expanding “aspiring class” and “middle class”.  Our products cater to –  our customers socio-economic conditions, purchasing power, demographic details and customers trends.
V-Bazaar believes in operating in untapped markets, providing customers a different shopping experience, comprising of a vast range of value retail products under a modern ambience and feel of a large retail mall.
We offer more than 60 thousand products to choose from across Men’s, Women and Kids apparel. As a team we believe in good old traditional values, yet a contemporary outlook, fun, laughter, tons of shopping and enjoyable times for the entire family.

About Us

One of the fastest growing value retail formats in India, V – Bazaar has over thousands of products under a single roof that caters to varying shopping needs of a family. With innovative designs, concepts and products you will get the widest range of products at an unbelievable price. Our nationwide network of outlets delivers a world-class shopping environment and unmatched variety in apparel to general merchandise including home furnishing, handlooms, handicrafts, utensils, crockery, cutlery, home appliances, home & kitchenware, innerwear & lingerie, toys, stationary, personal care, packaged food products and many more.
We at V- Bazaar believes in economic, cultural and consumption diversity which drives V-Bazaar vision in the retail universe. Our model of operation is driven on customer trust which helped us to build a strong and solid foundation through our extraordinary people.
Our motto “ Daam Kam Fashion Hardam ” reflects our passion to provide the latest trends to the upwardly mobile Indians at the best possible price.
The hypermarket chain of V- Bazaar is owned and operated by V- Bazaar Retail Pvt. Ltd. The company has its registered office in Gurugram. With more than 80 stores across 74 cities in northern India, and a total retail area of 5.8 lakh sq ft., V-Bazaar is one of largest modern retailer in the heartland of India.

Background History

Started by Mr. Hemant Agarwal and Mr. Rahul Jhunjhunwala, with over two decades of retail experience in across – northern, eastern and western India, V-Bazaar has become one of the largest family network of retail outlets stretching across northen India. Over the years with focus on value, convenience and innovation for the benefits of Indian shoppers, V- Bazaar has been able to maintain strong relations with the best manufactures and sourcing centres in and out of India.

The founders have invested in processes, systems and teams to provide high quality and well-trusted customer experience, while lowering price points as part of its ‘Daam Kam Fashion Hardam’ motto.


Retail business cannot be operated without quick-thinking and an energetic Warehouse operation. Working in our fast-paced Warehouse environment, our operators select products accurately, safely and efficiently for delivery to our stores. It’s also great exercise to keep everything in rhythm. The entire teamwork is aimed towards the common goals- to meet the deadlines and challenging targets. With an ever-expanding store network, the work of our Warehouse Operations is key to making the business successful.

We have a vast ERP enabled central warehouse of more than 1lakh sq ft located in Gurugram. Activities like goods receiving, storage and dispatch are managed with the help of technology enabled equipment and software modules. This way we are able to achieve on time replenishment in all our stores as per their specific need.